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The Art of Non-Conformity: An Introduction

For those of you who don’t know, AONC was started by Chris Guillebeau, an average guy who was tired of having other people tell him what to do and how to live life. While you may not directly experience this, the kind of conforming-social-pressure exists at at least a systemic level. As a descendent of a Chinese family, there were tremendous pressures to pursue certain careers and life paths over others, even if it meant being ultimately unsatisfied. Thankfully my mother ended up becoming not like the others and let me do what I wanted, and I couldn’t say that I would be here today without her. 

As I reflect (and try to clear out my inbox!), I saw this email that basically summarized everything that AONC was about. As someone who wrote meaningful articles that inspired me to continue doing what I love, I thought it prudent to share my endorsement of his work with the world. Check out the Agenda Wrap Up here.

What is it that I love? Hip hop. 5 Pointz in Queen’s, New York is always an inspiration for me.



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