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What are you doing to reach your dreams?

A friend of mine that I met in Korea is currently campaigning to raise some money to help him produce his first solo album. As I discovered, (to my giddy delight) he’s actually pretty good at singing and song-writing.

He dreams of sustaining himself on solely his art, and he’s now one step closer to realizing that dream. I know this video isn’t perfect, or as slick as some other well-produced solo pieces, but to see someone else out there creating their own art and putting out there for the world to witness is a beautiful sight indeed, even from afar.

Is there something that you’re dreaming of doing? Go do it. And if you fail, it’s never that bad, because the regrets always come from never having tried. (Cliché, I know. I just felt like writing that today)


One comment on “What are you doing to reach your dreams?

  1. Rufina
    February 23, 2013

    Trying is always better than never starting! Good for your friend for going after his dream. Putting the video together was a lot of work!! Catchy tune, honest lyrics.

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