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This is a website collecting random thoughts that I have. Like a journal, but for your public perusal (and amusement).

One thing I wonder is how I don’t seem to care at all for my privacy online, whereas an older generation may be more skeptical. Perhaps I’m used to it, by having these online alter egos on a plethora of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube…) , whereas the older generation grew up in a different political climate and more trusting of face-to-face transactions vs. online interactions.



One comment on “About

  1. Raquel Diaz
    April 20, 2013

    I’m not sure if this is Charles Gao from Kingston….. I googled break dancing in Kingston and he (you?) was/were the only thing I found… I have a seven year old son who has natural rhythm and is scarily fearless! He can even do the splits both ways! The only thing is that he’s been diagnosed as severe ADHD and ODD. I guess I’m just asking if you are the Charles I’m looking for, if you’re still giving free break dancing classes, and if you’d be willing to take on my son….. Please get back to me 🙂
    Raquel Diaz
    613 214-6693

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